Welcome to my humble art gallery. Here you can where find some of my works, which I hope you can enjoy.

Roy Lindquist is born and bread in Oslo year 1950. he grew up in an artistic family with musician, and Roy was the only one who didn’t approach any musical instruments, but instead found his way to express his musical talents into dance. From early age, he was connected to a folklore dance group and from there the way to classical ballet was short.

The education of classical ballet started from the age of 15 at the Norwegian Opera house, where he still attended up to the age of 27.

Roy knew that he had two passions of forthcoming wishes of the future.  One was to study art in the subject of drawing and painting, the other was dance. He often thought of which one was the right choice.

After 15 years as a professional ballet dancer, working at many of the main stages in Norway, he ended his career dramatically. Roy had a strong calling from his religious beliefs and entered a bible school, leaving all his artistic world as a dancer.

Picking up his first wish from his teenage, that was to make fine arts his goal. But it would not be realised before in the age of 60.

As a pensioner, he can now use all his time in creative art and explore his ability by learning by doing. Experiment with digital art and art making, which is his choice of medium.